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I have been in the psychological and spiritual field for over 45 years, and practicing Gestalt therapy for more than 30 years. I bring a lot to my therapy work with clients. At this point in my career, I am interested in working with people committed to their own growth and development. Thus I require an initial commitment period, and encourage further serious commitment after that. I know that Gestalt therapy can transform your life, and I bring my own full dedication to supporting you to be more fully yourself.

If you have never worked with me, then we complete your first therapy session (paid at the nominal rate) so we can meet each other and decide about ongoing commitment to therapy. The agreement to commit to the next phase is a mutual one, which we discuss at the end of that first session.

After this initial meeting, there is a minimum commitment to 6 hours of sessions, which can be in 1 hour or 1.5 hour increments. The 6 hours are paid for upfront, and are discounted by 10%. This applies to both individuals and couples. Couple sessions are always 1.5 hours.

If you have worked with me before, we can go straight to the 6 session set.

After the first set of 6 sessions, clients may elect to continue on a regular basis (usually weekly), paying at the end of each session, or can purchase a set of 24 hours in advance; the rate for this set is discounted by 20% (i.e. almost 5 hours free). If clients wish, they can purchase a set of 24 hours initially instead of the 6, but the 6 hour block is only offered once.

What you pay per hour is dependant on your income level. I leave it to you to self assess this.

• When calculating rates for an individual, the total gross combined income of the couple is counted, if in a relationship.

• Incomes are per year, gross

Rate 1:

Incomes of less than RMB 1,000,000 are charged at RMB 2,500 per hour.

The initial set of 6 hours of therapy with the discounted rate costs RMB 13,500.

A set of 24 hours of therapy with the discounted rate costs RMB 48,000

Rate 2:

Incomes of more than RMB 1,000,000 are charged at RMB 3,500 per hour.

The initial set of 6 hours of therapy with the discounted rate costs RMB 18,900.

A set of 24 hours of therapy with the discounted rate costs RMB 67,200


My undertaking is to make myself available to you for a minimum frequency of one session per week. If a higher frequency is required, that can be negotiated.

Therapy is defined as a relationship. The formal nature of the relationship involves continuity - to achieve this, after each session is completed, we make a date for the next session. As with any relationship, regularity of contact is important to allow for increasing depth (and thus therapeutic effectiveness.

Career Decision Coaching sessions (generally runs for 4-5 hours) are a fixed fee of RMB 7,600


Payment must be made immediately after the session.

Payment options are:


Paypal payments can be made directly to the following email address:

Please note - any PayPal fees must be paid by the client, so the full amount due gets transferred.


If face to face session, paid at the end of the session.


Wechat ID:nowshiva


Credit Card

Paid at the time of the session if in person

or, charged to your credit card

or, pay using this button


Payment by credit card will incur an additional 3% on top of the therapy fee, as this is the amount charged by the credit card company.

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