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I am available for online sessions, or in person in Shanghai, and other locations by negotiation.

What is executive coaching

Executive coaching involves an ongoing relationship between us which focuses on you taking action toward the realization of your vision, goals or desires. Coaching uses a process of inquiry and personal discovery to build the your level of awareness and responsibility, providing you with structure, support and feedback.

Coaching differs from psychotherapy in that it is oriented towards helping people succeed with their most important goals - not treating mental disorders. As a coach I am a thought-partner helping you shine a spotlight on your thinking, helping you make better decisions.

Outcomes you can expect

I provide sharp insights, practical advice, unadorned (honest) feedback and the push you need to get out of your comfort zone. I help leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries in a variety of areas including:

  • Crafting your vision and strategy
  • Developing critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Attracting, developing and sustaining high performance talent and teams
  • Improving management skills
  • Supervising across disciplines
  • Collaborating with colleagues
  • Sponsoring & mentoring associates
  • Enhancing Executive Presence with all audiences: board, employees, shareholders & the media
  • Navigating crisis situations
  • Recognizing and re-working blind spots & career obstacles
  • Branding yourself in and out of the company
  • Transitioning into a bigger role, a new position or a different field
  • Managing your work-life schedule

Independent engagement

Executive coaching may be initiated by an individual. Motivations may vary but often revolve around personal skill development, achieving balance, handling stress, managing people, overcoming conflict, understanding corporate politics or career transition. A company may also organise coaching for an individual.

Company engagement

The provision of coaching through a company can be viewed as a bonus and a sign of significant recognition. In other cases it may be remedial. The focus is on enhancing performance and developing leadership or team-building skills. I may work in conjunction with Human Resources or another senior executive.

This coaching is described more as a three-way partnership between the executive, the coach, and the organization, in which all involved agree on specific goals and parameters. Issues discussed in a coaching session however, outside of the set parameters, are considered ''personal and confidential'.

Many organisations believe that once someone reaches executive status, they should inherently be able to act under pressure, inspire and implement ideas, keep their skills sharp and current, and have all the answers. In actuality, they can eventually get there on their own but the engagement of an executive coach will significantly decrease the time it takes for the executive to succeed and increase the ability for the executive and the company to sustain the change.

Improvements that stem directly from coaching includes: enhanced executive learning, gains in corporate performance, enhanced relationships, increased leadership effectiveness and personal and organizational improvements. In the process, not only do executives improve themselves but substantially have a greater impact on their organization. Benefits to the organization include enhanced individual and organisational performance, which positively affects organisational culture. This enhances reputation within an industry, improves employee morale, contributes to positive work environments, thus improving productivity and enhancing client relationships. Coaching augments your competitive edge!


Executive coaching is available in packages of 6 sessions, charged at US$400 per session/hour. Frequency is generally weekly or fortnighly.

To enrol read the Disclosure Statement here.

Then register for Executive coaching here.


ROHAN ~ Medical Doctor and Consultant

Steve is a truly gifted teacher and therapist who is clearly practising his calling. He brings wisdom, genuine caring and compassion to our sessions and he has helped me finally navigate a path towards a healthier and more skilful way to approach anxiety, stress and behaviours that were damaging to my relationships and my work. I have seen psychologists before and been left with little. This is the first time that I have seen genuine changes to my mental well-being that has improved the quality of my relationships, work and life.

NATALIE ~ Acupuncturist, R.N

I first met Steve through a presentation he did on Family Constellations. This was a very powerful and releasing experience. I since contacted him for personal work and professional supervision. I have benefitted greatly from continued sessions, I feel aware of the roles I play in my life, and have stopped blaming others for the decisions I have made. I feel in control of the direction my life takes now. This, amongst a myriad of other revelations, has given me greater freedom and a sustained sense of happiness.

PAUL ~ Drug & Alcohol counsellor

Four years training with Steve Gunther was life changing. I learnt so much about myself and how I am in the world, how am I with clients and how to deal with and engage any person in any situation.

I gained the skills to practice Gestalt Psychotherapy and the confidence to do it in my own style. I have gone on to expand my Gestalt training into Community Development and helping effect societal change.

Steve has a hands on assured teaching style which is just as effective as his brilliant personal counselling work - powerful and profound, yet guided by the clients and the students.

JENNY ~ Therapist

I have know Steve for 18 years, experiencing him as Gestalt teacher and therapist. I have grown to have a great deal of respect for him and have always valued all that he strives for. He is a person of great integrity, intelligence, wisdom, energy, sincerity and care.

Added to this has always been a commitment to his own personal and professional growth, demonstrating itself in humility, confidence and determination. I have always felt that he has had my best interests at heart, which resulted in me being gently guided towards taking risks, in healing my past and leaping into my future.

The 'work' that I have done with Steve over the years has helped shape my life and the person I am today, which is greatly fullfilled and happy.

SHIRLEY ~ Psychotherapist

Having been a client of Steve's, I confidently recommend his services to any client who is seeking therapy. I found him to be contactful, empathic, intuitive. fully understanding of and tuned in to the issues I presented. I felt very safe in his care and professional expertise, and I experienced personal growth, increased self awareness and complete satisfaction through the consultations I had with him.

BRYANT ~ Natural therapist and Homeopath

Gestalt Therapy with Steve Gunther gave me two focal insights in particular. One was how my energy moved between my ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’ self, and the other how my physical body carried the demand I placed on myself as expectation.

One session I clearly remember was Steve helping me elicit an image of a ball and chain around my left leg (which was chronically arthritic). As I processed those feelings and felt images, I saw shifts including release of tension, emotionally and energetically, over the period. I am very grateful to Steve for his devotion and his art, and for his very astute processing skills. Good memories.