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The book 

Here is a dedicated site for my book Understanding the Woman in Your Life


I am available in LA -

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My personal website

Career Decision Coaching

Home study course for those wanting to learn this type of coaching


The body of my work, from individual therapy, through to workshops, trainings and resources

Gift tokens

Unique sets of gift token available wholesale

Relational Parenting

We run workshops applying Gestalt principles of Authenticity, Awareness and Connection through Relational Parenting

Gestalt Therapy Case Study Blog

I am publishing this blog twice a week, aimed at those studying Gestalt, or perhaps graduated, and wanting support in terms of practical examples of Relational Gestalt applied to client cases.

The English version is at:

It is also translated into 20 other languages

Other specialty links.

General Links


The page of Sohail Inayatullah, leading futurist and visionary.

Eugene Gendlin

A treasure trove of resources, with many penetrating philosophical writings.

Dulwich Centre

Narrative therapy, the legacy of Michael White. Transformative, personal, political.

Ron Alexander

Open Mind Training. Gestalt, Zen, Ericksonian, and lots more.

Gestalt Network Japan


A spiritually based green socio-economic theory developed by Indian visionary PR Sarkar

Prout College for courses on Prout

Prama Institute

Workshops, spirituality, health and healing in North Carolina

Center for Personal Growth Berkeley

Founded by Monika Broecker, lots of great activities

And especially see the wonderful book by Monika - conversations on ethics with Heinz Von Foerster

Lynne Jacobs

Leading exponent of dialogical Gestalt therapy. Her yearly residential program is highly recommended

Peter Nelson 

Social science researcher, incisive coach, brilliant mind, a master at helping people see their blind spots

The Right Use of Power 

Cedar Barstow has developed a fantastic program exploring the way we interact with and use power. See also her book on the subject.

Dan Wile

Developer of collaborative couples therapy, utilising a meta view of relationships

Bill O’Hanlon 

Ericksonian, positive psychology, lots of resources on his site

Claude Steiner 

Central to the development of TA, seminal in his ideas about power and cooperation

Family Constellations 

One of the main sites for information and events about the work

Ofer Zur 

A maverick thinker, this site is for online pd courses he has organised

Ananda Marga 

Dynamic spirituality - transformation of self, and society

And a beautiful introductory video

Patch Adams

Gesundheit - a radical, long term project which has an emphasis on health as FUN


For children of transgender or queer parents

Your Money or Your Life

A wonderful approach to money, prosperity and service

Stillness in Action Retreats

Held around Australia, a synthesis of Buddhist practice of presence, and engagement in social change work

Gestalt news

Current information about Gestalt events, trainings and things of interest around the world.


China Australia Gestalt Association - links between the two countries.

Learn Gestalt

A site with Gestalt training professional development videos, available for CE points

4 Seasons at the Four Seasons

Exclusive personal growth seminars at Four Seasons resorts around the world.