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"Steve Vinay Gunther is the most brilliant and energetic  teacher whom I have ever met in Japan. His way of teaching and presenting is very much clear and concise for every level of students.

I strongly recommend him.

Kingo Matsuda

Director, Japan Counselling Academy

"By this means I'm taking my voice as Academic Director of the Instituto Humanista de Sinaloa A. C. ( to highly recommend Steve Vinay Gunther as one of our most outstanding, honorable and professional teachers our institute is proud to engage. 

He is passionate with psychotherapy, Gestalt focused and has a very systematic and structural educational method of teaching.

It's been already 10 years since his first class in IHS and we intend to maintain this relation as long as possible.

You can be sure he will meet or exceed your standards.


M.C Fernando Guzmán Cárdenas 

Academic Director

Instituto Humanista de Sinaloa A. C. , Mexico

"To whom it may concern, 

During my training to become a Gestalt Therapist I had the good fortune to be taught  by Steve Vinay Gunther.  His interesting presentations of complex and often difficult material were professionally of the highest standard . His enthusiastic way of presenting divers topics wether to small groups or larger audiences reflect his passion for teaching and his skilful means to impart knowledge in an alive and engaging manner. 

I highly recommend Steve for presentations or speaking motivational engagements of any kind. 

With kind regards 

Elmar Wolters 

Gestalt Therapist

"I met Mr. Gunther in a Beijing conference called “Master Season” where he led an open seminar for three days. I was impressed by his eloquent presentation, flowing creativity and unwavering presence. Being a professional translator and interpreter in the psychology and personal-development field, I have translated for intentionally well-known instructors such as Anthony Robbins, Daniel Millman, Anando and Bertold Ulsamer …etc. And I respect Mr. Gunther as a wonderful facilitator who dedicates his whole attention and presence to the audience and the clients. I still recall some moments with Mr. Gunther vividly. One time he catwalked with a woman who wanted to feel more confidence and I felt his sincerity in showing possibilities to the client. Another time, while the client wanted to feel peace and the chandelier kept making sharp noises, he naturally shifted everyone’s focus to the chandelier and transformed the annoyance into a magical moment where the entire outside world was absorbed by the light. Any event which can invite Mr. Gunther as a presenter will definitely create its own unique moments with his magic.  

Rosie Chen, 

professional translator and interpreter for self-development events


"Steve is a great teacher. His impact is not only through what he said to the audience, but also who he is as such an authentic person sharing his experience and know-how.

Listening to steve is transformative. The relation he establishes with the participants is trustworthy and nurturing. Insights conveyed through this quality of relation can prevail.

I would recommend steve to my friends and colleagues, who wants to be influenced by a master of life as he is.

Roy Sun

ICF PCC, CTI Faculty

Shanghai, China 

"To whom it may concern,

Hereby I strongly recommend Mr. Steve Vinay Gunther as a presenter and facilitator/teacher.  We have been familiar with him and using him as facilitator in workshop for over 3 years.  He is a fantastic teacher, a great presenter. His teaching content is very interesting, engaged, enthusiastic. And the audience/clients loves the way he presents to groups.

Yours Sincerely

Edward Yu Chen


Entrepreneur Mental Model Development Center

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai, China 

"I had the privilege of being trained under guidance of Steve Vinay Gunther.

Steve is an exceptional teacher and presenter. His depth of knowledge and insight into the theoretical and practical application  of Gestalt is second to none, and his presentation style includes both the experiential and cognitive processes.

I always found Steve to be a person of deep intelectual and moral integrity and I look forward  his future presentations in Australia. 

Kerry Shipman

Gestalt Therapist.

Registered Family Disputes Practitioner.

Tamworth  Australia 

"I attended Steve Gunther’s training in 2014 and enjoyed it very much. When Steve teaches, he is constantly in tune with the students. He'd notice even the slightest shift in the group and respond accordingly. He is not only sharp and keen as a therapist, but is capable of engaging the whole group's interest even when he is doing one-on-one demonstration. He is spontaneous and has very good sense of humor. He'd suggest all sorts of fun experiments with the group whenever he sees fit. He is pleasantly articulate as a lecturer. He is patient and experienced enough to deliver obscure ideas and theories in a relatable way.

Chen Xia

Professional translator

Chengdu, China 

"Throughout the four years I spent as a student with Steve Vinay Gunther I found him to be a very engaging, enthusiastic and supportive teacher/presenter. He inspired me to follow his lead, and as a result I have been running groups and presenting workshops for the past 15 years. I personally found his approach to be more grounded and real than my University lecturers, I felt like he actually cared about us (his students). Providing experiential learning experiences to cement the theories and principles we were learning means that I have not forgotten what he taught me. His contribution as a teacher is an important ingredient in the success of my career. 

Yvonne Bottrell

Group facilitator

Western Sydney, Australia 

"I  studied under Steve Vinay Gunther for three years in the field of Gestalt Therapy. He is a clear, engaged, well read, and knowledgeable presenter who is ever mindful of his audience.  I am indebted to him for expanding my understanding of therapeutic philosophies and practices, rounding out my previous psychotherapeutic training. I recommend him highly as a presenter and teacher.

Dr Elizabeth McCardell, BA, BA (Hons), M. Couns., PhD

Lismore, Australia 

"The value of a dynamic, skilled presenter cannot be underestimated.   Steve Gunther’s presentations and workshops are always thoroughly and thoughtfully prepared.  His wealth of knowledge and experience will ensure his presentation is pitched so well it stands out far above the rest.

His ability to tell a compelling story combined with person centred practice, an innate ability to read and engage an audience  as well as his excellent professional knowledge will guarantee a successful and stimulating event.  

Highly recommended

Dianne E Murphy


Rural Health Tasmania Inc.


"I really like the way Steve Gunther presents his work. He are a great teacher with very clear structure of the material and profound live demos with the audience. He has impressive therapy skills  and presence. He is a really wonderful model of what he teaches during those demos.

Lillian Ji

Professional translator


"The Human World is mainly composed of Human Relationships, families, partners, men & women, parents & children, humanity & divinity, etc.; and most importantly, the relationship with Self - the Ego Self, the Big Love, the Great Universe.

Steve Vinay, with his profound understanding and experienced practice in multiple Spiritual Psychology Modalities as Gestalt therapist & trainer, Family Constellation facilitator, Career coach, Manhood workshop leader and Relationship author, etc., has supported many individuals & groups, families & organisations, to improve their self-awareness, intra-personal success & happiness, as well as inter-personal communications & relationships, over many decades.

His mastery in professional research, comprehensive knowledge, versatile thinking, and simplifying expression has made him an eloquent and concise speaker, who can bring simplicity to complexity. 

I am confident that audiences and clients will benefit a lot from his speeches, teaching, and therapy.

Katherine Wang

Professional translator, China 

"I’ve been working with Steve Vinay’s Gestalt & Family Constellation workshops in Japan for last several years as an interpreter. I’m also a workshop teacher/facilitator myself.

So from those perspectives, I can appreciate his “being” as a teacher first of all. Most importantly, this sets an effective frame for learning and/or group-counselling.

In addition, his clean calibration catches non-verbal communication of participants and he addresses this accordingly with his knowledge and years of experience in the field.

His gently inviting manner and the conviction of his work always leads to a fulfilling workshop experience for any participant.

Yoko Yuile-Shinoda

Translator and NLP trainer


"Steve Vinay Gunther was invited to come to Mexico City and Queretaro for a conference and a workshop. We were very satisfied with his work, he is a very sensible man who connects with the audience and he has a big heart which can share with the participants. That makes a whole experience rather than more than just a workshop.  

The participants were touched by his teachings and exercises. They learned, had personal process, and were thankful for the personal work. 

We recommend him highly; any questions do not hesitate to write me to

Said Malak

Cadhu Training Center

Queretaro, Mexico 

"I used to attend and fortunately shortly interpret for Steve Vinay Gunther's Gestalt therapy workshop in the City of Nanjing, China. In my memory working with him, he is a very patient, thoughtful and skilful  Gestalt therapist, who also deeply understands the Chinese culture. Therefore, his Chinese patients can gain a lot from his therapy, and I as an attendant and an interpreter of his workshop, can learn a lot from his modeling. In my own career as a  psychotherapist/psychoanalyst,  Steve helped me a lot with his valuable suggestions and clinical advices. In my difficult process of moving to Los Angeles, and restarting my career in this kind of  overwhelming city, Steve also helped me a lot to adjust. In my eyes, Steve is a wonderful therapist, and I wanna say he is a more wonderful person! He travelled around the world to work with the patients with many different culture backgrounds, and contributed a lot particularly for the newly developed Chinese Gestalt Therapy Community. As a Chinese psychotherapist, I do appreciate and respect his devotion and hard working on my beloved motherland.

Ping Sun Ph.D

Research Psychoanalyst, CA

Licensed Chinese Clinical Psychotherapist 

Psychoanalytic Candidate of New Center for Psychoanalysis, LA.

"To whom it may concern,

Steve Vinay Gunter is an amazing teacher and a great presenter, who can bring very good energy to the audience during his presentation. I have been working with Vinay as his translator and interpreter for his workshops and lessions for more than 4 years. Vinay impressed me with his highly professional attitude. He is knowledgable, grounded, mature, and humorous.

Gestalt therapy is a pretty abstract concept for most of the Chinese people. However, in Vinay’s workshop, he always presents Gestalt in a way which is comprehensible and easy to understand. The audience never feels bored by his teaching. Instead, they show full interest in his presentations.

Meanwhile, Vinay is a presenter who is humble, full of empathy, and having a marvellous personality. In his workshops and sessions, he can create a resonance with the group. People like him and his presentations. In China, especially in Shanghai, he has many fans.

Chris Zhou

Executive Assistant to the CEO, Interbrand China 




































































































ROHAN ~ Medical Doctor and Consultant

Steve is a truly gifted teacher and therapist who is clearly practising his calling. He brings wisdom, genuine caring and compassion to our sessions and he has helped me finally navigate a path towards a healthier and more skilful way to approach anxiety, stress and behaviours that were damaging to my relationships and my work. I have seen psychologists before and been left with little. This is the first time that I have seen genuine changes to my mental well-being that has improved the quality of my relationships, work and life.

NATALIE ~ Acupuncturist, R.N

I first met Steve through a presentation he did on Family Constellations. This was a very powerful and releasing experience. I since contacted him for personal work and professional supervision. I have benefitted greatly from continued sessions, I feel aware of the roles I play in my life, and have stopped blaming others for the decisions I have made. I feel in control of the direction my life takes now. This, amongst a myriad of other revelations, has given me greater freedom and a sustained sense of happiness.

PAUL ~ Drug & Alcohol counsellor

Four years training with Steve Gunther was life changing. I learnt so much about myself and how I am in the world, how am I with clients and how to deal with and engage any person in any situation.

I gained the skills to practice Gestalt Psychotherapy and the confidence to do it in my own style. I have gone on to expand my Gestalt training into Community Development and helping effect societal change.

Steve has a hands on assured teaching style which is just as effective as his brilliant personal counselling work - powerful and profound, yet guided by the clients and the students.

JENNY ~ Therapist

I have know Steve for 18 years, experiencing him as Gestalt teacher and therapist. I have grown to have a great deal of respect for him and have always valued all that he strives for. He is a person of great integrity, intelligence, wisdom, energy, sincerity and care.

Added to this has always been a commitment to his own personal and professional growth, demonstrating itself in humility, confidence and determination. I have always felt that he has had my best interests at heart, which resulted in me being gently guided towards taking risks, in healing my past and leaping into my future.

The 'work' that I have done with Steve over the years has helped shape my life and the person I am today, which is greatly full-filled and happy.

SHIRLEY ~ Psychotherapist

Having been a client of Steve's, I confidently recommend his services to any client who is seeking therapy. I found him to be contactful, empathic, intuitive. fully understanding of and tuned in to the issues I presented. I felt very safe in his care and professional expertise, and I experienced personal growth, increased self awareness and complete satisfaction through the consultations I had with him.

BRYANT ~ Natural therapist and Homeopath

Gestalt Therapy with Steve Gunther gave me two focal insights in particular. One was how my energy moved between my ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’ self, and the other how my physical body carried the demand I placed on myself as expectation.

One session I clearly remember was Steve helping me elicit an image of a ball and chain around my left leg (which was chronically arthritic). As I processed those feelings and felt images, I saw shifts including release of tension, emotionally and energetically, over the period. I am very grateful to Steve for his devotion and his art, and for his very astute processing skills. Good memories.